Past district governors, this webpage is designed for you! You have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to help your club, district and the association move forward.  This page will keep you informed so you can stay involved and further develop your leadership skills!


Effective July 1, 2022, a resolution has been passed during the International Convention to amend the qualification of district governor and vice district governors.  Lions who previously served as a district governor will not be eligible to be elected as district governor or vice district governor.  To learn more, please contact us at  

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District 4-C6 Past District Governors (*Denotes Deceased)

*John Smart (C-4)1962-63Roger Hartsell1996-97
*Frank Granito1963-64*Louis Milani1997-98
*Walter Sanders1964-65*Dale McElroy1998-99
*H Cunningham1965-66Dennis Miller1999-00
*Lenny Bee1966-67Carl Anderson2000-01
*Louis Mammini1967-68*Ted Malate2001-02
*Milton Miller1968-69*Bob Hansen2002-03
*Clarie Burns1969-70Steve Brown2003-04
*John Mahan1970-71Larry Hidalgo2004-05
*E.H. Gransbury1971-72*Don Simpson2005-06
*Albert Richter1972-73Chris Morris2006-07
*Dick McKenzie1973-74*Joe Flores (C-5)2006-07
Joe DiDuca1974-75Bob DeUnger2007-08
*Leroy Dreis1975-76Marlene Duffin2008-09
*Tony Pisciotta1976-77Joe Pugliese2009-10
Ray Cabrera1977-78*Becki Stange (C-1)2009-10
*Vic Frediani1978-79Ray Maglalang2010-11
Virgil Williams1979-80Liz Crooke2011-12
*Chuck Hart1980-81Bob Ferber2012-13
*John Preovolos1981-82*Jim Goodheart2013-14
*Dick Beaman1982-83Karen Fillmore2014-15
Bob Froom1983-84Jan Miller2015-16
*Lucas Zaballos1984-85*Barbara Chamberlain2016-17
*Bob Hichborn1985-86Robert Stewart2017-18
Leon Costello1986-87Thelma Batilo2018-19
*Bunny Ribbs1987-88Richard Silveria2019-20
*Donald Wright1988-89Linda Pugliese2020-21
Rene DeLuna1989-90Allen King2021-22
Wesley Ball1990-91Melinda Blaza2022-23
John Schroeder1991-92
*Ed Rittue1992-93
*Bill Oliver1993-94
*Tom Scanlon1994-95
*John Davison1995-96