Training and Seminars

Membership Development – January 20, 2018.  Be sure and unmute by clicking on the audio icon on bottom right.  Click on expand icon for whole page view.

Links to the Leadership Training presented at the Cabinet Meeting on July 16, 2016 

Role of the Club Secretary – Melinda Blaza

RC ZC Report

Treasurer Training 2016

Stop Recycling Leaders


RC and ZC Responsibilities

Treasurer’s Responsibilities

“How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Club”
Click here to download the PowerPoint from the presentation.
Click here to download a PDF version of the presentation.


Lions Leadership Training August 17, 2013 – Gilroy High School

Keynote Address at the 2013 District 4-C6 Leadership Training from Tim Piumarta on Vimeo.


In this overview of the functions and basic features of the MyLCI Web site, you’ll learn what you can expect from this new tool and how it will simplify your duties as a club officer.