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District Web Site to be Featured at November Cabinet Meeting

This web site will be the subject of a presentation at the November cabinet meeting in Prunedale. After a brief demonstration of the site during the meeting, members of the Tech Committee will be on hand to answer questions and give individualized demos to Lions who wish them. After the Cabinet meeting, there will be an optional workshop to demonstrate how you can post information directly to the site. This workshop will last less than an hour. Plan now to invest that time in learning how to make use of this great new tool for publicizing your club’s events and projects!

Customized utensil sets for Lions Clubs

Customtized utensil sets include the plastic knife, fork, spoon and napkin plus other items (not clearly defined, but may be salt, pepper, toothpick, towelet).  Hope Services will put the sets together in a sealed plastic bag with a enclosed label with the Lions embelem, Lions Club name and Hope Services as the source.  The quotes from Hope Services for Lions Clubs are:

Lunch sets  $0.35  (lighter plastic utensils, smaller napkin)

Dinner sets  $0.55 (heavier plastic utensils, larger napkin)

Scotts Valley Lions Club and Cupertino Lions Club have expressed interest in the utensil sets.

How to get your mail or email to every club president and/or secretary in the District.

I was recently asked how one would go about getting an email, a flyer, a letter or other materials distributed to the primary officers of every club in the district: the club presidents and secretaries.

To send paper (snail) mail, one requests of the Cabinet Secretary, the labels for either or both groups, then apply those labels to your stuffed envelopes, stamp ’em and mail.

To send email, contact the Cabinet Secretary. It may be that he will simply forward your message to his distro list of these folks, or hey may provide you with a list of email addresses.

In either case, the CS will have the most current and accurate information for everyone in our district, particularly those two very important members of each club.

District Calendar

The calendar application that we’re trying out at this time is pretty straightforward and it’s free! Of course, being free, there are some minor annoyances, but this is probably a stopgap measure until we identify (or develop) a more permanent approach.

One of the limitations of this free software is that we can only have one login name and password. So, I figure w’ll share for now, anyway. To learn what password will let you in so that you can add all your club’s events, contact Hugh Donagher (Sunnyvale Host). You know where to find me. (Sitting at my computer, of course!)


Hugh Donagher

Lions of this District are invited to contribute to this site

If you would like to post information about your club’s happenings and publicize your projects and fundraisers, or if you are a District officer or chairperson who would like to promote your projects, meetings and evens here, simply contact Hugh Donagher or John Kelly, whose contact information can be found in the district directory.

(Please note that publishing personal phone numbers and email addresses on publicly accessible blogs is not something we recommend. Read the post on protecting your privacy for more discussion on this topic.)