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San Jose Host Announces Raffle Pre-Sale!

One of the hightlight’s of San Jose Host’s Annual Oktoberfest is the Gift Basket Raffle. This year the club is announcing the opportunity for members of other clubs to buy raffle tickets in advance for this event. The Oktoberfest will take place on Sunday, October 23rd  at 4:00 pm at the San Jose Blind Center. As much as we’d like all our fellow district Lions to attend, we know that isn’t always possible so San Jose Host is offering a ticket pre-sale.

Prices for ticket are:

$2.00  for 1

$5.00 for 3

$10.00 for 7

$20.00 for 15  and the very best value,

$40.00 for 40.

Gift basket themes are Sports and Entertainment, Family Fun, Wine and Spirits, and Food and Dining. You may select the category(ies)  in which you want your tickets to be entered, and of course, you do NOT need to be present to win.

Please view this short video to see prizes from last year’s raffle. This year’s promises to be every bit as wonderful!

For information about ticket purchases and attendance at this year’s event, please contact Gayle Kludt at

We look forward to your participation in this year’s party!!!