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Santa Cruz Host Lions 80th Anniversary

Just to remind everyone that Santa Cruz Host Lions 80 th  Anniversary is June 27, 6:00 pm at the Chaminade in Santa Cruz,  a four star hotel.  For additional information please call: 831-423-2352.  Please get your tickets early as it will be a big event.  Hope to see you there.

2009 4-C6 Convention Photos

Dear Fellow Lions:

I am sure we all had a lot of fun in the past few days during the convention. Great job Governor Marlene and everyone!

Pictures I took are on-line now. You can find them at below links.  If there are specific pictures that you would like to have in higher resolution, please send an e-mail to me and let me know which one(s) you want. I will e-mail them to you.  My e-mail address is

Friday Lunch – Click HERE

Candidate Nominations and Demonstrations – Click HERE

Bocce Ball – Click HERE

Monkey Shoes -Click HERE

Costume Parade – Click HERE

Friday Dinner Awards – Click HERE

Hospitality Rooms – Click HERE

Amateur Show – Click HERE

Tailtwister Breakfast – Click HERE

Convention Workshops – Click HERE

Safari Food Fair -Click HERE


Lion Wen