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Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer

What better way to show off Lions spirit and be highly visible to the public than to join our District 4-C6 Lions team and thousands of walkers in the City of Hope Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer.

  • When – Saturday, October 4, 2008, 9:00 a.m (we’ll carpool and caravan from San Jose)
  • Where – Ferry Building to AT&T Park and back (5K – 3 miles) in San Francisco
  • How much – $30 to join the team or donate to any team member in any amount
  • Why – to support City of Hope in their research, education and treatment efforts to cure breast cancer and have a fun morning with fellow Lions along The Embarcadero in San Francisco
  • How – go to and click on Join Our Team or make a donation to a team member by clicking on their name

All are welcome to join in support of our team members: grammas in walkers, children in strollers, even your dog on a pink leash.  Join in the festivities at the park after the walk, face painting for the children (grownups too), vendors, giveaways and music.

For more information go to or e-mail

Total Raised to Date: $4,370 

Last year we raised $10,565

Lions for Hope 2007

Lions for Hope 2007

Possible Point of Confusion — Please Read This!

A number of Lions have already accepted invitations that were sent out last week to join this site so that they can begin to contribute information by writing their own posts. Bear in mind, that we are all learning this software togethere. Those of us on the committee implementing it are only one to three steps ahead of the rest of you and some situations may arise that take us by surprise. I even have a real life example.

One early adopter went throught the process of creating his account and then immediately wrote a post. I happened to call him later that evening about something else and he told me what he’d done. I was puzzled, because i couldn’t find his post on the site, so I told him I’d investigate and he said he’d poke around too, see what he could learn.

Long story short, when you accept the invitation to be a part of the WordPress community, and a member of this particular group, you are also granted your very own blogspace. At least some of you are, anyway. Clearly there’s a choice that you all are making somewhere along the line, because as I look at the membership records from the administrative page, one piece of information I’m given about each of you is the URL to your blog. For some of you, that URL is the same as the URL for this site: For others of you, your URL is to a different WordPress blog, namely, yours, but you are all members of this group. However those of you who do have your own blogspace may need to pay attention to which blog you are posting to when you do. Otherwise you might be sitting at your computer wondering where your words are going! That’s exactly what happened to the Lion in my example last week, We found his post on his blog, so he came back and re-wrote it into this one.

Contact us if you have any problems or questions about this.

AND START POSTING! Let’s just fill this space with all the news and information about what’s happening in 4-C6. I predict that by the end of this Lions year, we won’t know how we ever managed without a resource like this at our disposal.



UPDATE 10/8/08: Here’s a tip to make sure you’re posting to the correct blog: When you are in the “Write Post” mode, the screen should look something like this:

screen capture

screen capture

Note the prominent text that reads “District 4-C6 Lions” if anything else appears but that text, you are posting to the WRONG site! 🙂

Freedom Lions Grateful for Lions Support after Summit Fire

Advertisement that will run in several publications.

Advertisement that will run in several publications.

Hello everyone,

This is the ad Freedom Lions will have in the Santa
Cruz County Fair Guide. The list includes the donations
we were aware of at the time of the ad deadline. The
club intends to put an ad in the Santa Cruz Sentinel
and Watsonville Register-Pajaronian newspapers at a
later date that will include donations from everyone.
Thank you to all that donated to the Summit Fire Fund.

Lion Tom Moore
Lion Marlene Bowles
Lion Richard Conrad

Mission Trails Charter Night: Deadline Approaching

The Mission Trails Lions of Carmel have invited Lions from throughout the District to help them celebrate their Charter Night on Wednesday, September 3, 2008. International Director Dana Biggs will be their very special guest. The festivities take place at the Rancho Cañada Golf Club, starting with no-host cocktails at 6:00 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:00. The menu is Caesar Salad with Herb Croutons, a choice of New York Steak or Fillet of Salmon, Cherries Jubilee for dessert. Tickets are $40 per person and must be reserved by Wednesday, August 27. No tickets will be available at the door. Evening attire is requested. Mail a check, noting your choice(s) of entree, to Mission Trails Lions of Carmel, P.O. Box 22092, Carmel, CA 93922. Questions may be directed to Charter President Bud Westcott or his Vice President, Clyde Klaumann.

Customized utensil sets for Lions Clubs

Customtized utensil sets include the plastic knife, fork, spoon and napkin plus other items (not clearly defined, but may be salt, pepper, toothpick, towelet).  Hope Services will put the sets together in a sealed plastic bag with a enclosed label with the Lions embelem, Lions Club name and Hope Services as the source.  The quotes from Hope Services for Lions Clubs are:

Lunch sets  $0.35  (lighter plastic utensils, smaller napkin)

Dinner sets  $0.55 (heavier plastic utensils, larger napkin)

Scotts Valley Lions Club and Cupertino Lions Club have expressed interest in the utensil sets.

How to get your mail or email to every club president and/or secretary in the District.

I was recently asked how one would go about getting an email, a flyer, a letter or other materials distributed to the primary officers of every club in the district: the club presidents and secretaries.

To send paper (snail) mail, one requests of the Cabinet Secretary, the labels for either or both groups, then apply those labels to your stuffed envelopes, stamp ’em and mail.

To send email, contact the Cabinet Secretary. It may be that he will simply forward your message to his distro list of these folks, or hey may provide you with a list of email addresses.

In either case, the CS will have the most current and accurate information for everyone in our district, particularly those two very important members of each club.

District Calendar

The calendar application that we’re trying out at this time is pretty straightforward and it’s free! Of course, being free, there are some minor annoyances, but this is probably a stopgap measure until we identify (or develop) a more permanent approach.

One of the limitations of this free software is that we can only have one login name and password. So, I figure w’ll share for now, anyway. To learn what password will let you in so that you can add all your club’s events, contact Hugh Donagher (Sunnyvale Host). You know where to find me. (Sitting at my computer, of course!)


Hugh Donagher

Look up at the new tab: Publications

This is where we will post links to the District Bulletin and other published documents, for your reference. Looking for the latest edition of DG Marlene’s “LIONS Energizer”? Check up there! We hope to build this into a reference library that will contain just about any form, flyer, brochure or other publication that you might need.

Best Practices for using this site: Protect your privacy

We’re going to learn some lessons along the way, as we implement this new form of communicating among the Lions and Clubs of our District. Blogging has been around for a few years now, however, and other practitioners of the art have already learned some hard lessons that we can avoid.

First one that comes to mind is protecting your privacy. Notice that we are not, as a general rule, publishing personally identifiable information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, on this site. That is because this site is openly available to the public and to the spiders and bots that crawl through the Internet, harvesting such data to feed the massive appetites of those who generate all that lovely spam that brightens your day when you see it in your Inbox.

Sharing phone numbers, address and email addresses among the members of our District is, of course, necessary for the conduct of business. For the time being, until we can identify what solution we will implement that will allow us to share sensitive information securely and only with those we want to have it, let us adopt a format for points of contact on this site, using just the person’s name, followed by their club name. For example, Lion Hugh Donagher (Sunnyvale Host). With just that information, we should be able to find each other pretty readily, using the District Directory or other resources.

Of course, you are free to share your own information, if you so desire. It’s your email account! But please be careful about posting other people’s email addresses or phone numbers, unless they specifically ask you to do so, or you get their permission beforehand.

Lions of this District are invited to contribute to this site

If you would like to post information about your club’s happenings and publicize your projects and fundraisers, or if you are a District officer or chairperson who would like to promote your projects, meetings and evens here, simply contact Hugh Donagher or John Kelly, whose contact information can be found in the district directory.

(Please note that publishing personal phone numbers and email addresses on publicly accessible blogs is not something we recommend. Read the post on protecting your privacy for more discussion on this topic.)