Lions Walk for Hope August 24 –
Women’s Cancers, Women’s Cures

Lions for Hope Walk for City of Hope
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Join us in our 8th year of raising funds for City of Hope for research and treatment of Women’s Cancers.  We have raised almost $60,000 over the years and we need you to join our team and donate so that our sisters, mothers, wives, and friends do not have to face this.

  • When:  Sunday, August 24 9:00-11:00
  • Where:  Meet at parking lot on Julian across from the Arena Green
  • Distance:  5K or as far as you want to walk along the beautiful Guadalupe River Park Trail, going north towards Highway 880.  Map.

End at the fun Italian Family Festa to celebrate with food, music and festivities.

City of Hope is leading the fight against cancers unique to women through research, treatment and education. By walking, we not only raise funds for the fight — we also promote regular exercise, which can cut cancer risk and help women with these diseases enjoy longer, healthier lives.

  • Start  your own team by going to and click on Set Up Your Fundraiser.
  • Then click Start Your Own Fundraiser.
  • Under Fundraiser Title use the name of your club, district, or company name.  All money is raised under the Lions for Hope Team and all funds go to Women’s Cancers, Women’s Cures for City of Hope.

If you don’t want to start a team, click on the big Donate button and donate to your favorite team.