Best Practices for using this site: Protect your privacy

We’re going to learn some lessons along the way, as we implement this new form of communicating among the Lions and Clubs of our District. Blogging has been around for a few years now, however, and other practitioners of the art have already learned some hard lessons that we can avoid.

First one that comes to mind is protecting your privacy. Notice that we are not, as a general rule, publishing personally identifiable information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, on this site. That is because this site is openly available to the public and to the spiders and bots that crawl through the Internet, harvesting such data to feed the massive appetites of those who generate all that lovely spam that brightens your day when you see it in your Inbox.

Sharing phone numbers, address and email addresses among the members of our District is, of course, necessary for the conduct of business. For the time being, until we can identify what solution we will implement that will allow us to share sensitive information securely and only with those we want to have it, let us adopt a format for points of contact on this site, using just the person’s name, followed by their club name. For example, Lion Hugh Donagher (Sunnyvale Host). With just that information, we should be able to find each other pretty readily, using the District Directory or other resources.

Of course, you are free to share your own information, if you so desire. It’s your email account! But please be careful about posting other people’s email addresses or phone numbers, unless they specifically ask you to do so, or you get their permission beforehand.