Passing of Past District Governor John Preovolos (1981-1982)

To all Lions Clubs,

40132_172231109460885_1994748_nReceived the following sad news from Past District Governor John Preovolos’ son Dave. John was District Governor 1981-1982 and a long time member of San Jose Host.

He will be missed.

Richard Silveria
Lions Club International
District 4-C6
Cabinet Secretary


December 19, 2013


David Preovolos, John’s son and caregiver, writing.

Dad passed away around 10am this morning, from congestive heart failure complicated by kidney failure.

He spent a wonderful night last evening, surrounded by family, thoroughly enjoying the viewing of old Jack Benny clips on dvd, laughingly making sure all we younger generations present appreciated the show.

I’m happy to report that after that wonderful evening, he passed peacefully, in his sleep, without discomfort or alarm of any sort….which is certainly the transition he deserved, after bringing so much happiness to all of us and so many others over the years.

Memorial plans are being decided at this time, and will be reported when set.

Best Regards,
Dave Preovolos