Viral Spam Alert —

This morning, a message is making the rounds of some folks in the district, informing them that someone they know has shared pictures and/or a private message with them on TAGGED.COM. Your Tech Committee strongly advises you not to reply to these messages, not to register at TAGGED.COM and most certainly not to give them your email address.

Much like our recent experience with REUNION.COM, TAGGED.COM is attempting to gain access to YOUR email address book so that it can send spam to everyone you know, encouraging them to register for the site, so they can gain access to THEIR email address books and spam those users, too.

What is so insidious about these emails is their innocuous appearance. We trust our friends, so we reply to messages that appear to be from our friends. These emails, despite their appearance, are NOT from your friends. It never hurts, if you have any questions about emails like this, to double check with the friend named in the email to see if he or she intended for you to receive the message and act on it.