Membership Pledge Update

Here are the current membership pledges in Black (click HERE to view the pdf file) and the number of new members so far next to your club pledges in Purple from 1/1/09 through 3/15/09.

CHEERS go out to:

San Jose Los Amigos Lions (Region 2, Zone 2). Not only did they make their pledge commitment, but they surpassed it by one and have added the most members during this pledge period thus far. Way to Go LOS AMIGOS. Congratulations also to the clubs who have added new members and to those who are trying hard for new members! Keep on asking and inviting potential members to your clubs, projects and events. We have 20 new members so far since 2009 and only 100 to go!

We will be posting the results of the pledges at the 4-C6 Convention April 29th – May 3.

PCST Liz Crooke and PCS Karen Fillmore

District 4-C6 Membership Coaches