Tour: Project for the Visually Impaired at Folsom Prison

One of the tours planned for Thursday at convention is an opportunity to visit Folsom Prison…..for a tour of their Project for the Visually Impaired. This is a project that partners the inmates with glasses and results in improved sight for the visually impaired. The tour will leave the hotel at 8 am and is limited to 10-12 people. We will have 3 hours for a complete tour of the project, and will be returning to the hotel by 1pm. If you are interested please contact PDG Chris Morris asap as we will have to pre-approve all those that will be on the tour and need start that process by April 15th.

If you have not yet registered for convention, please get that paperwork into Co-Housing Chair Steve Brown with your club check as soon as possible – the sought after rooms won’t last long !