Club New Member Pledge Commitments

At our Cabinet Meeting on Feb 21st new member pledge commitments were made from our District clubs. The Member Chart (click Here to view) shows each of the commitments pledged by your club for the next 4 months. This will be a Great Membership Drive if the commitments are made and will mean another 120 members in our district for the year. Can we do it?

We will keep you posted as to how clubs are doing and will bring the Member Commitment Chart to our 4-C6 Convention. Will your club make your member commitment? Go out and ASK someone to visit your club or join an activity and invite them to become a new LION in your club.

Remember, your Zone and Region Chairs as well as your District Membership Coaches are available to help give membership ideas to your club. Good Luck!

Lions Liz Crooke and Karen Fillmore
4-C6 Membership Coaches