Fire destroys home of Lion’s family member – UPDATED!!

Thanks so much to all our local Lions who have contibuted to the family of Christy Martisius whose family lost all of their personal possessions in a fire on November 12, 2011 (see original post below). The family has been contacted by a local realtor in the Santa Cruz area and will hopefully be moving into their new rental this weekend. While the seven member family has enough clothing at this time, they still are in need of additional bedding, towels and furniture. This last week they were able to purchase new beds for the family but still need additional blankets and sheets. Also needed are a couch, table with chairs, a coffee table and end tables. If you have good, clean items that the family can use, please contact Gayle Kludt at 408 531 1063.

A very special thank you to the Almaden Super Lions,  John Preovolous of San Jose Host and the Cupertino Lions whose generous donations enabled the Martisius family to get beds and bedding this last week. 

As we all know, Lions are always there when help is needed. In this case, the situation is even more special as the family being helped is one of our own.

On behalf of the Martisius and Rooney families, I thank you for the generous donations to help this young couple and their five children.   

                                                                    ORIGINAL POST BELOW 

Christy Martisius, granddaughter of long-time Lion Gordon Rooney, and her family lost their home and all its contents last Saturday, November 12th in a devastating fire. Destroyed were all the clothing, furniture and household items for the family of two parents and five children, aged seven to seventeen. While none of the children were injured, the father, thinking the youngest daughter was still in the home, was burned and hospitalized after rushing back in the home to go after her. The family is currently being housed by the Red Cross in a nearby hotel but will need to seek another rental for the family soon. Most appreciated would be gifts of cash and/or gift cards to Target, Kohl’s or other stores where the family can purchase clothing, bedding, furniture and household items. Checks payable to Christy Martisius along with gift cards can to mailed to Gayle Kludt, 7060 Via Belmonte Drive, San Jose, CA who will deliver all to Christy and her family!