Tree-Planting Event at Lake Cunningham, San Jose

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When:  Sat, October 22, 8am – 12pm
Where:  S. White Road between Cunningham Ave and Tully Road, San Jose, CA (map)
Description:  Come join community members to plant 35 trees! Volunteer needs: 7-10 Tree Amigos and 60-75 general volunteers

Lunch provided

Lunch will be provided at the Our City Forest tree-planting event at Lake Cunningham on October 22 at 8:00 a.m. Consequently, they need a headcount of Lions who will be attending. They need an estimate as early as tomorow, September 28.  Therefore, I would ask that you respond if you plan to be at the event.

Present will be Mayor Chuck Reed, who will speak, as well as the media with TV and newspaper reporters. Governor Liz will also be there with shovel in hand. Again, let me say that the event will not only be fun, but an excellent opportunity to let people see who we Lions are all about. Please RSVP to PDG Joe Pugliese either today or tomorrow morning so I can pass the numbers along to the event planners.

Trees Planted Worldwide by Lions: 2,015,230