Brown Paper Tickets

BPT is a fair-trade ticketing service (think Ticketmaster). By using BPT, your club can sell tickets for your events — be it a pancake breakfast, a magic show, or a spaghetti feed — online or over the phone. In addition, bulk paper tickets may be purchased for a very nominal charge. In fact, the paper ticket option is so cheap as to be a very attractive reason for using this service, even if you never sell a single ticket online or over the phone.

Event producers (your club) pay no fees to list their event on BPT and ticket buyers pay only $0.99 plus 2.5% of the ticket price in service fees to purchase tickets online or over the phone. This translates to a $1.62 service charge (total) on a $25 ticket.

Bulk paper tickets cost $.10 each plus a shipping charge of $5.00, so a ticket order of 200 tickets would cost a total of $25.00. These are concert-venue quality tickets, with perforated stubs. You control the messages printed on both the ticket and the stub. If your event has assigned seating, the system can even handle that!

Every event listed with BPT gets its own web page, and event producers control the content of their listing. You can use the BPT web page link on your printed marketing materials and in your email campaigns.

Here’s a link to the (now outdated) listing for Sunnyvale Host’s Family Barbecue on 8/16/08.