A Memorial to Lion Dave Stone
Scales of Justice

By Lion Howard Mukoyama, Interim Secretary

After a lifetime of serving his country and his community Dave Stone passed away on January 18, 2010. Dave led a purpose driven life, his motivation was always to serve the needs of others.  Dave served his community as a  policeman first in Menlo Park around 1959 and then in Milpitas until 1993 when he retired as a sergeant. During his service as a policeman in Menlo Park, he was called for duty in the Army where he served his country from 1960 to 1962.

As a parent of a Cub Scout, Dave became involved in the Boys Scouts in 1967 and held several Volunteer Leadership positions. Dave was awarded the Silver Beaver for Distinguished Service.  

In addition to his Volunteer work with the Boy Scouts and his Police Officers position Dave became a volunteer along with his wife Anne in the Red Cross in 1983. Recognizing Dave’s dedication and leadership qualities he was given top Volunteer Leadership positions for the 30 years he served as a Red Cross Volunteer.  

In 1997 his former Chief Of Police, Jim Murray, in the Milpitas Police Force invited Dave to join a newly formed Lions Club. Motivated again to serve and still active in the Boy Scouts and in the Red Cross Dave became a Charter member of the Scales of Justice Lions Club. He was always involved and originated annual activities and became club Secretary. In 2008 he voluntarily took on the dual role of  Club Secretary and Treasurer when the current treasurer became a State Parole Officer and could no longer function as the Treasurer.  

Yes Dave led a purpose driven life, he came to serve. Truly it can be said of Dave, well done good and faithful servant!!!