A J Robinson Mobile Heath Screening Unit Replacement Project

Hello District 4-C6,

As many of you know we kicked off the AJ Replacement Project at our First Cabinet Meeting of this Lion year. At that time I gave a slide presentation for the need to replace the unit. This is going to be a 18 month project and it is the hope of the AJ Foundation that we have a new Unit by the end of my year as Governor. I know that there are many questions and I am making myself available to make presentations to your Club to answer any questions that you may have. I am also including in this post the narrative that the A J Foundation sent to the Sharks Foundation for a grant of $60,000.00. We will find out sometime in September if we were selected for the grant.
I know that there are many good causes out that our clubs support. Please keep the AJ Robinson Heath Screening Unit Replacement Project one of them.


Rick Silveria
1st VDG District 4-C6
AJ Robinson Project Chair

District 4-C6 AJ Robinson Foundation Grant Proposal

The purpose of the District4-C6 A J Robinson Foundation .
The purposes of this, Association shall be to provide equipment and assistance to the Lions Clubs of District 4-C6 for the programs of Sight and Hearing Conservation and blood screening as well as providing public information related to Diabetes and other health related services with initial emphasis on providing a Mobile Health Screening Unit.

History of Foundation
The foundation was formed in 1985 by the leaders of the Lions International District 4-C6. The Headquarters of the foundation is based in San Jose and primarily serves the counties of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito. The foundation over the last 33 years primary function is to provide and maintain a Medical Screening Unit for the use of the 45 Lions Clubs in the District to provide screening services to their local communities. Services provided are Vision ,Hearing and Diabetes screenings as well as Body Mass Indicator and Blood Pressure. Education is also provided by Registered Nurses on Controlling and caring for Diabetes.
Historically the foundation through the screening efforts of the local clubs provides 12,000 screenings a year to school age students, adults, Military Veterans, and the homeless. In addition to the screenings the Lions Club will many times provide the funding to purchase the professional eye exam and glasses to person in need. The focus is on the people in the community that do not have the means to get an Eye exam and a pair glasses on their own. The local Lions club will identify a venue to do the screenings such as, a Health Fair, Veteran Stand down, Homeless shelter, Flea Market or Church event. The Lions Club will then schedule the mobile health screening unit to be at the event. This is done a no cost to the individuals or the hosting venue. The nominal fee is paid by the hosting Lions Club.
Our program extends into the schools, helping the school and District nurses screen children that are required to be screened. On an average day we can screen 350 to 400 students, drastically reducing the amount of time it would take the nurse alone thus providing a valued service to the school and the school district. We have provided screenings in the following school districts in San Jose- Franklin McKinley, Oak Grove, Cambrian and Luther Burbank. We have also screened in private schools like St Mary’s Catholic School in Los Gatos.
On the other side of the Mountain we have screened in North Monterey County Unified School District, Monterey Unified School District, Pajaro Valley Unified School District, and Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District.
We believe that the services we provide are in direct coalition with the Mission Statement of the Sharks Foundation.

The AJ Robinson Foundation is staffed 100 percent by volunteers. The staffing of the unit and administration of the maintenance and record keeping are all done by volunteers. Therefore 100% of the funds raised go into the foundation for supplies and the maintenance of the unit. Day to Day operations are conducted by the President, Vice-President, Scheduler, Vehicle Maintenance, and Drivers. Administration is handled by the Secretary and Treasurer and the Diabetes program Chair. All of our volunteers are have extended business experience and play a major part in the success of the AJ Robinson Mobile Health screening unit, as has been demonstrated over the passed 33 years of operation. A listing of our volunteers experience is listed by the position they hold in our organization as well as that in the business world.
Board of Directors
Board of Directors for the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 are as follows:
President Richard Conrad, Freedom Lions- Retired Electronic Tech
Vice President Rick Silveria, Almaden Super- Retired Mgr. of Trans USPS
Secretary Ray Lancon, Cupertino DeAnza- Retired Product Mgr. Brinks Global Services
Treasurer Lanny Ross, Almaden Super- Senior Bus. Consultant, First Data
Scheduler Shay Adams, Monterey Peninsula Host-Sales Manager

DG Thelma Batilo Milpitas Executive- Project Manager, Applied Materials
John Costere Santa Clara Host, Vehicle Maint.- Retired Fire Captain SCFD
Val Isaacson Almaden Super, Diabetes Screenings- Retired Registered Nurse
Bud Westcott Carmel Mission Trail- General Contractor
PCC Liz Crooke Salinas Host- Lions Past Council Chair for the state of California
IPDG Bob Stewart Freedom- CEO Yardarm Technologies

The purpose of the Grant Request / Financial Information
The request is made to the Sharks foundation for a grant to aid in the replacement of our current mobile screening Unit. Specific line items are detail in the Budgets in the Appendices of this submission. The operating budget for our organization is averages $14,000.00 a year. This is due to the fact that we are totally run by volunteers and we have no overhead for office space and the storage of our unit is donated by one of our member Lions clubs. The operating expense is covered by the 45 Member Club dues and a nominal fee that is charged for the use of the Mobile Medical Screening Unit. Again I would like to state that this is done at no cost to the individuals being screened.
The Mobile Medical Screening Unit Project
Our current unit ( pictured below) was purchased 2001 and has been in
constant service for the last 17 years. The current Unit consists of a 2000 32’ trailer and a 1- ton 2001 GMC pick-up truck. The vehicle and trailer have been professional maintain though out this time but in the last few years it has been apparent that the constant use and wear in tear have taken its toll on the unit. In the last two years we have put in over $15,000.00 into maintaining the unit. The board has evaluated the information and repairs and decided it was time to replace the unit. We are also looking at modifying the current unit plan to better fit the needs of the services we are providing now. It is estimated that the replacement cost for the unit will be $130,000.00, adding in the replacement of one of our medical screening pieces of equipment and a reserve for emergency repairs the total project comes to $162,500.00. The grant from the Sharks Foundation will strictly be used for the replacement of the Mobile Medical Health Screening Unit and not for the reserve. Other sources of funding will come from the member Lions clubs at $40,000.00, of which $30,000.00committed and $10,000 confirmed, The Lions Clubs International Foundation $60,000.00, pending.

Sharks Recognition

The Foundation would be recognized with the foundation logo applied to both sides of the trailer. We would also submit an article the Mercury News and the Monterey and Salinas papers as well as many local community papers. It would also be posted to our Facebook account and our website. At the conclusion of the project we would send a video and article to Lions Clubs International and would prominently display the large part the Sharks Foundation played in success of the project. Parts of the Video and article would display the Check presentation at one of our District Cabinet meetings, The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at a District Event or at the Shark Tank.


The foundation is able to operate on a small budget due to the fact that we have no paid employee. Our largest expense is our Insurance Cost.


Rental Fees $6,200.00
Annual Contribution $2,091.00
Donations $3,100.00
Fundraising BBQ $2,500.00
Pin Sales $200.00
Interest $200.00

Total Income $14,291.00


Van Fuel $2,500.00
Instrument Inspection $800.00
Insurance $5,500.00
Service $100.00
Supplies $500.00
Van Repair $2,231.00
County Fees $1,236.00
Foundation Reg $20.00
License/Fees $688.00
PO Box $90.00
Safe Deposit Box $55.00
Tax $125.00
Misc $250.00

Total Expense $14,095.00

Net $196.00