Club Secretaries: Creating “Family Units”

It has come to my attention that many Lions who qualify for LCI’s “Family Membership” are not receiving their discount, because their data has not been entered into the WMMR correctly.

Unfortunately, the process of creating a “Family Unit” is not as clear as it could be in the WMMR. What seems to happen most often is that a club secretary will add a new Lion who is a family member joining the club, and then designate them a “Head of Household.” This is not the complete process that must take place for LCI to recognize the Family Unit.

What should happen is this:

Lion Joe sponsors his wife, Linda, into his club. Because Joe and Linda belong to the same club, are legally related, and share the same address, they qualify for Family Membership. When the club secretary is ready to enter Lion Linda into the system, s/he should follow this process:

  1. Go into the WMMR, into Joe’s record, and on the “Family Unit” tab, designate him as a “Head of Household” (HH).
  2. Now, enter Linda’s information into the WMMR, as you always do for new members.
  3. Then, from Linda’s record, go into the “Family Unit” tab, and select Joe’s name from the available Family Units for your club and add Linda as a “Spouse”. You must also certify how you ¬†have certified their relationship and shared address. (Select the documents you inspected from the appropriate lists.)
  4. Save the record and now you’ve created a Family Unit. Up to four additional family members (children, grandchildren, siblings, etc.) can be added to one HH’s household, as long as they qualify.

Click to download a how-to guide addressing this topic.

It might be a good idea for all club secretaries to review their club rosters to make sure that all qualifying family units in their club are properly registered at LCI. Remember that many of our Lions couples/families were in Lions together before the Family Membership was created. They may not yet be registered as Family Units.

Also bear in mind the three criteria for qualifying for Family Membership:

  1. The family members must belong to the same club. If the family members belong to different clubs, they do not qualify for this class of membership.
  2. The family members must be legally related through marriage, birth, or other legal means.
  3. The family members must reside at the same address.

Family Membership FAQ at LCI’s web site.