California Phones – a free service helping those with handicaps stay connected!

Triet Hoang from California Phones is a wonderful guy and a true gentleman who works out of California Phones’ Berkeley Office. Last Tuesday evening he drove all the way down to Milpitas in appalling weather to speak to Milpitas Gateway Lions Club about California Phones.

California Phones is a free service, and part of the California Telephone Access Program. Their mission is to make it easier for those with handicaps of any kind to stay connected. They offer a wide variety of  free specialized phones that make it easier to hear, dial, and call. The cost of the service they provide is paid for by a small mandatory fee on all California telephone bills.

I highly recommend Triet as a guest speaker for any Lions Club in California. In addition to bringing along a wide assortment of phones that make it so much easier for those with handicaps to use the phone, he also has a wealth of information to share with Lions, and some excellent literature.

We as Lions can play a significant role in getting the word out about California Phones and the specialized phone equipment they provide for free to anybody who lives in California, who already has phone service, and has a doctors note saying that they have a condition that would benefit from one of these phones.

A couple of Milpitas Gateway Lions had not heard about this free service, but had relatives who would benefit from it.

As mentioned above, Triet is a wonderful warm caring gentleman, who has service in his heart. He recently returned from a mission to Vietnam to build houses for the underprivileged, which is a cause he has supported for some time now. He’d truly has the heart of a Lion!

Triet’s contact details are:

Triet Hoang
Itinerant Field Operation Support
3075 Adeline St Suite 260
Berkeley CA, 94703
(510) 735 – 5949