Some of you may have noticed a new banner on the MyLCI login page announcing a change to the way we login and register for Lions Clubs International applications.

On March 27, all our digital applications will be grouped into a single account, which will be called your Lion Account. This account will use a single, universal login system. Instead of using different credentials to login to different applications, we’ll use one User ID and Password to access them all (MyLion, MyLCI, Shop and upcoming applications).

For MyLion users—you’re all set! Your MyLion credentials will work for your Lion Account.

MyLCI users will be asked to create a Lion Account if they have not already registered on MyLion.

We evaluated alternatives for this transition, such as using existing MyLCI login information as the universal login. Unfortunately, that approach has some technical limitations.

We recognize this will be a short term disruption for all MyLCI users, but we believe this approach will have big benefits in the future as we add/improve applications and give our members a great online space to be Lions. Login and register at and if you need help getting registered, please reach out to us at